Classic Flat Single Length Lashes (.15)

Classic Flat Single Length Lashes (.15)

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Our Flat lashes are cashmere soft with the most gorgeous satin matte finish. A penny Lash Artist and client favorite for 7 years! Tried and true now available for you!

  • Sterilized PBT
  • 16 rows
  • Faux Mink
  • Satin Matte (never a dull moment!)
  • Tapered Tip
  • Flat Lash
  • Double heated for curl retention
  • Hand made
  • Foil strip
  • Available in Black
  • Available in C + D & M curl
  • Available in .15 & .20 diameter
  • Mixed tray lengths from 8-14

Flat lashes (also known as ellipse lashes) are the upgrade to the old Classic Rounds. With a grove cut out at the base. Creating a wider surface area for attachment, they deliver dramatic (or natural) outcome with less weight and mate beautifully with natural lash for fabulous retention!

Penny Lash Artist Tip
  • Sizably staggering lengths while using .20 creates visual density for the Drama seekers!
  • Mixing 15 & .20 can tone down that drama and create a more natural looking set.
  • For the “maybe she’s born with it look” use either diameter while using clients NL as guide for lengths!
  • Great addition to any volume/Hybrid set for added texture.

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